Blogging: 5 Tips for Creating Ideas for Blog Posts


Some days you will have heaps of ideas for posts to your blog and other days you will feel like you are are running out of ideas on what to blog about. So how to you create ideas on what to blog about?

Here are 5 tips on how to create ideas for your blog posts.

1. Write Sequels to Your Hot Blog Posts.

If you have some blog posts that are getting a lot of visitors or lots of comments then these are what I would call hot blog posts. If you have posts with many comments you should have been acknowledging those comments by commenting yourself with more information on the subject and answers to any questions asked. Why not gather up all this information and write a sequel to this post? It may appear that you are repeating yourself but your new post may bring in fresh visitors who would have not read your original post.

If you have posts with lots of visitors then these are also hot posts. Consider adding more information to the original post by creating a blog entry.

2. Questions in comments.

You can go back through all of your blog comments and find any questions or comments you can use to write a post that addresses these comments or answers any other questions. The fact that people have raised these issues in comments to your blog indicate that you visitors would like to know more about them. Did you find any new information recently about these topics? Write a blog post about these topics if you have.

3. Freebies.

People love to receive freebies, especially if they are unique or innovative. So gather all your posts on a hot topic and use them to write a simple report. Next write a post giving this report away for free to anyone who reads your blog post. You can monitor the traffic to the post, and if the success rate is high, you can continue the process every few months. To increase traffic to your site, make sure to include links to your products and website in the report.

4. Expand on an Existing Post.

Have you written something that you are passionate about and have more information or updates on the topic? If so, use these to write a post. No matter how little information you may have to start, if you are passionate about something it is quite likely that once you start you will find that before long you will have a decent blog post.

5. Ask your visitors for suggestions.

Remember it is your visitors who read you posts so why not ask them for suggestions or questions which you can use to write blog posts. You can also send an email to your mailing list asking them about what they would like you to post to your blog. Also consider getting your readers to fill in a simple survey and to add their comments and questions. This information can be used to inform future posts.